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Black Wood Procurement 

Black Wood Procurement specialises in sourcing the right equipment for your project or business, anywhere on the globe. Our extensive network of suppliers and experienced team of procurement agents provide end to end procurement solutions, at the most competitive prices to companies from all over the world.


Over the past 7 years, we've sourced, shipped and supplied everything from electronics and emergency vehicles, complete operational on-shore drilling rigs and armies of heavy equipment, to kilometres and kilometres of gas pipeline spanning the length and bredth of entire countries. Whether you have one time requirements for a specific project, or a range of items to facilitate the on-going growth of your business, Black Wood Procurement is the hassle free procurement solution partner for you. 


Our team knows that understanding your business is the key to sourcing your requirements, and our vast experience in a multitude of markets and industries helps us connect them with the right products on the right terms. Contact us today to find out more about the services we offer, and how our company can help with the growth of yours.

We've provided our clients over 5,000 kilometres of gas pipeline to satisfied customers to date.

Fleet cars, trucks, fuel tankers, and specialist transportation such as ambulances and emergency vehicles

Expansive network allows us to span the globe to find your requirements in the shortest possible timeframes.

Our team of skilled negotiators ensure we secure the lowest possible price and the best possible terms.

We provide end to end project procurement to a diverse range of industries

Our team understands that understanding your requirements is imperative to finding you the right items for your business growth

Our logistics partners are the best in the industry.

We've sent shiploads of heavy machinery to cater to projects of every nature

From Africa to Australia and beyond, we go to the furthest reaches of the map to find what you're looking for.

We work closely with all major third party inspection agencies and can cater to your compliance needs

Our pipelines have been utilised for the distribution of gas, water and oil distribution.

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