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Black Wood Global Brands

Company Profile


Blackwood Global Brands provides an end-to-end solution, that enables Australian and New Zealand (NZ) based businesses to expand into the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Turkish retail markets.

We have relationships with private and institutional investors throughout the GCC and Turkey.

Our Investors have an appetite for; successful, reputable, profitable concepts with a proven track record and management systems. 


Our service


  • End-to-end solution with a defined process and communications strategy.

  • Risk averse approach with a balanced focus.

  • Enabling Australian / NZ concepts into new markets and additional revenue streams.


Our primary focus is the GCC region with an estimated population of 44 million and the nation of Turkey with an estimated population of 75 million. Comparing country risk and market potential the GCC features some of the Global Retailer Development Index's most attractive markets.

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